Suite 900 - 777 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1S4


Dong Hyun Shim


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Suite 900 - 777 Hornby Street

Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1S4

Nicholas Koo 
Dong Hyun Shim 
27 Red Capital Inc.
AMG Acquisition Corp.
Blackhawk Growth Corp.
Canpac Investments Corp.
Cult Food Sciences Corp.
CyberCatch Holdings, Inc.
Element79 Gold Corp.
Eon Lithium Corp.
E-Power Resources Inc.
Hansco Capital Corp.
Justera Health Ltd.
JVR Ventures Inc.
Leocor Gold Inc.
Lite Access Technologies Inc.
Little Fish Acquisition I Corp.
Majuba Hill Copper Corp.
Manning Ventures Inc.
Milgauss Investments Ltd.
Nexus Gold Corp.
Nexus Metals Corp.
Planet Ventures Inc.
PR Technology Inc.
Pure to Pure Beauty Inc.
RevoluGROUP Canada Inc.
Rockport Capital Corp.
Sage Potash Corp.
Select Sands Corp.
Slave Lake Zinc Corp.
Sweet Earth Holdings Corporation
VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc.
Whatcom Capital II Corp.
World Outfitters Corporation Safari Nordik
Xtacy Therapeutics Corp.