1210 Sheppard Ave East
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Toronto, ON
M2K 1E3


George Lovrics


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1210 Sheppard Ave. East
Suite 302
Toronto, ON
M2K 1E3

George G. Lovrics 
Samuel V. Stern 
0187279 B.C. Ltd.
0755461 B.C. Ltd
1290439 B.C. Ltd.
1290442 BC Ltd
1290448 BC Ltd.
1290457 B.C Ltd.
1319472 BC Ltd..
1319651 BC Ltd
1319735 BC Ltd
1319743 BC. Ltd
1344341 B.C. Ltd.
1344342 BC Ltd
1344343 B.C .Ltd
1344344. BC Ltd
1344345.. BC Ltd
1344346.. B.C. Ltd..
1348512 B.C. Ltd.
1348514 B C . Ltd
1348515 B C Ltd
1348517....BC Ltd
1348518 BC... Ltd,,
1348520 BC.. Ltd
1348521 BC Ltd
79North Inc.
Axolotl Capital Corp.
Canada Energy Partners Inc.
Canadian Goldcamps Corp.
Celly Nutrition Corp
Cumberland Resources Nickel Corp.
Dark Star Minerals Inc.
Delota Corp.
Free Battery Metal Limited
Gold Digger Resources Inc.
Gold'N Futures Mineral Corp
Larose Ventures Ltd
Mandeville Ventures Inc.
Metaville Labs Inc.
MGM Resources Corp
Miata Metals Corp.
Newfoundland Goldbar Resources Inc.
NewOrigin Gold Corp.
Ocham's Razor Capital Limited
OutdoorPartner Media Corporation
Reocito Capital Inc.
Rio Verde Industries Inc.
Royal Standard Minerals Inc.
Tintina Mines Limited
Weekapaug Lithium Limited