1030 West Georgia Street
17th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6E 2Y3


Ryan Ayre


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201-2001 McCallum Road

Abbotsford, BC
V2S 3N5


Suite 225
9600 Cameron St
Burnaby, BC
V3J 7N3


302 - 2626 Croydon Drive

Surrey, BC


17th Floor
1030 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 2Y3

Alden Aumann 
Ryan Ayre 
Joseph Bonvillain 
Fernando Costa 
Paul Leedham 
Raymond Lu 
66 Resources Corp
92 Resources Corp.
A.I.S. Resources
Agrios Global Holdings Ltd.
Aleafia Health Inc.
American Lithium Corp.
AMV Capital Corporation
AmWolf Capital Corp.
Arbor Metals Corp. (formerly Vela Minerals Ltd.)
ArcPacific Resources Corp.
AsiaBase Metals Inc.
Atikin Investment Inc.
Avalon Blockchain Inc.
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.
Battery Road Capital Corp.
Benchmark Botanics Inc.
Benchmark Metals Inc.
Big Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc.
biOasis Technologies Inc.
Biomark Diagnostics Inc.
Biome Grow Inc. (formerly Orca Touchscreen Technologies Ltd.)
Black Tusk Resources Inc.
BLOK Technologies Inc.
BlueBird Battery Metals Inc.
Bluenose Gold Corp
Calaveras Resource Corp.
Cannamerica Brands
Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp.
Cavallo Wine Group International Inc.
Cayenne Capital Corp.
Centurion Minerals Ltd.
Ceylon Graphite Corp.
CGSG Investment Inc.
Comet Industries Ltd.
Coral Gold Resources Ltd.
Crest Resources Inc.
CROP Infrastructure Corp.
CryptoStar Corp.
Crystal Bridge Enterprises Inc.
Decade Resources Ltd.
Discovery Harbour Resources Corp.
DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc.
Elephant Hill Capital Inc.
Endocan Solutions Inc.
Etruscus Resources Corp.
EXeBlock Technology
Falcon Gold Corp.
Fiorentina Minerals Inc.
First Global Investments Inc.
First Light Capital Corp
Garibaldi Resources Corp.
GMV Minerals Inc.
Golden Lake Exploration Inc.
Golden Opportunity Resources Corp.
Grande Portage Resources Ltd.
Graphene 3D Lab, Inc
Gray Rock Resources Ltd.
Greenstar Biosciences Inc.
GTEC Holdings Ltd.
Hakken Capital Corp.
HashChain Technology Inc.
Hi Ho Silver Inc.
HyperBlock Inc.
IEMR Resources Inc.
Invictus MD Strategies Corp.
Isracann Biosciences Inc. (formerly Atlas Blockchain Group Inc.)
Jericho Oil Corporation
Leocor Ventures Inc.
Lexagene Holdings Inc.
Lithoquest Diamonds Inc.
Loop Insights Inc.
Manning Ventures Inc.
Medipure Holdings Inc.
Mesa Exploration Corp.
Millrock Resources Inc.
Mojave Jane Brands Inc. (formerly High Hampton Holding Corp.)
Montego Resources Inc.
Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.
Mountain Lake Minerals Inc.
MX Gold Corp.
Namex Explorations Inc.
Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.
Neptune Dash Nodes Corp.
Newmac Resources Inc.
Nexco Resources Inc.
Nexus Gold Corp.
Nickel North Exploration Corp
Northbridge Resources Corp.
Novateqni Corp.
Opawica Explorations Inc.
Optimum Ventures Ltd.
OrganiMax Nutrient Corp. (Formerly Alset Minerals Corp.)
P&P Ventures Inc.
P2P Info Inc.
Pacific Imperial Mines Inc.
Paloma Resources Inc.
Perisson Petroleum Corporation
Pistol Bay Mining Inc.
Planet Ventures Inc.
Plenus Investment Inc.
Portofino Resources Inc.
Preferred Dental Technologies Inc.
Prevent Health Care International Corp.
Primary Energy Metals Inc.
Pulse Oil Corp.
Qauntam Cobalt Corp.
Quizam Media Corporation
Rain City Resources Inc.
Range Energy Resources Inc.
RBI Ventures Ltd. (formerly Russell Breweries Inc.)
Red Rock
Regency Gold Corp.
Rockwealth Resources Corp.
RT Minerals Inc
Scottie Resources Corp. (formerly Rotation Minerals Ltd.)
Silver Grail Resources Ltd.
Silver Phoenix Resources Inc.
Sixty North Gold Mining Ltd
Skychain Technologies Inc.
SolidusGold Inc.
South Star Mining Corp.
Spey Resources Corp.
Stockport Exploration Inc.
Teuton Resources Corp.
The Eelleet Network Corp.
Tidal Royalty Corp
TIMIA Capital Corp.
Tisdale Resources Corp.
TNR Gold
Tower One Wireless Corp.
Volatus Capital Corp.
Walcott Resources
Wangton Capital Corp
WesCan Energy Corp.
Yuntone Capital Corp.