Suite 420 - 1501 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 4Z6


Mike YC Kao
(604) 714-1997


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Suite 420 - 1501 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC
V6J 4Z6

Mike Kao 
Alliance Mining Corp.
Baroyeca Gold & Silver Inc.
Canaf Investments Inc.
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation
Cosigo Resources Ltd.
Digatrade Financial Corp.
Fiore Cannabis Ltd. (formerly Citation Growth Corporation)
Fort St. James Nickel Corp.
GGX Gold Corp.
Gold State Resources Inc. (formerly Cyon Exploration Ltd.)
Golden Dawn Minerals Inc.
Granite Creek Copper Ltd.
Great Atlantic Resources Corp.
Group Ten Metals Inc.
Looking Glass Labs Ltd.
Madeira Minerals Ltd.
Metallic Minerals Corp.
New Destiny Mining Corp.
Petro Viking Energy Inc.
Savannah Minerals Corp. (formerly Upper Canyon Minerals Corp.)
Valorem Resources Inc. (formerly JDF Explorations Inc.)
Ximen Mining Corp.
Zimtu Capital Corp.