1700 - 475 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2B3


Kevin Nishi


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305 – 9440 202 Street

Langley, BC
V1M 4A6


201 – 1825 Bowen Rd

Nanaimo, BC
V9S 1H1


305 – 221 Esplanade West

North Vancouver, BC
V7M 3J3

Kevin Nishi 

1700 - 475 Howe Street

Vancouver, BC
V6C 2B3

Suki Gill 
Herve Leong-Chung 
Kevin Nishi 
Bob Sanghera 
Michelle So 
1014379 B.C. Ltd.
ADL Ventures Inc.
Alchemist Mining Inc
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Angel Gold Corp
Antalis Ventures Corp.
Arizona Silver Exploration Inc.
Astron Connect Inc.
Aztec Minerals Corp.
Balmoral Resources Ltd
BC Moly Ltd
Berkwood Resources Ltd
Big Sky Petroleum Corporation
Blue Star Gold Corp.
Boss Minerals Inc
Bravada Gold Corporation
Cairo Resources Inc
Canamex Gold Corp.
Canarc Resource Corp
CaNickel Mining Limited
Caracara Silver Inc
Cardero Resources Corp
Carlin Gold Corporation
Casa Minerals Inc.
Centenera Mining Corporation
Chichi Financial Inc.
Choom Holdings Inc.
Colorado Resources Ltd
Copperbank Resources Corp
Damara Gold Corp
Discovery Corp Enterprises Inc
District Metals Corp.
Doubleview Capital Corp.
Doxa Energy Ltd
Ely Gold Royalties Inc.
Eros Resources Corp
Evermount Ventures Inc
Evolving Gold Corp
Evrim Resources Corp
Eyecarrot Innovations Corp
Foran Mining Corporation
Freedom Energy Inc.
Getchell Gold Corp.
Glenmac Capital Inc.
Golden Ridge Resources Ltd.
Good Life Networks Inc.
Indico Resources Ltd
Industria Metals Inc.
Jackpot Digital Inc
Jiulian Resources Inc.
Karam Minerals Inc.
Kelso Technologies Inc
Kestrel Gold Inc
Letho Resources Corp
Libby K Industries Inc.
Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd
MAS Gold Corp.
Medgold Resources Corp
Micron Waste Technologies Inc.
Minco Capital Corp.
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd
New Energy Metals Corp.
New Oroperu Resources Corp
Nexoptic Technology Corp
Nishal Capital Inc.
Nortec Minerals Corp.
Omni Commerce Corp.
Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.
Pascal Biosciences Inc.
Perihelion Capital Ltd.
PKS Capital Corp.
Plymouth Realty Capital Corp.
PreveCeutical Medical Inc.
Priyanka Capital Inc.
Project One Resources Ltd.
Prosper Gold Corp
Rackla Metals Inc
Radial Research Corp.
Radius Gold Inc.
Ravensden Capital Inc.
Real Difference Capital Inc.
Rizal Resources Corp.
Sego Resources Inc
Silver Bull Resources Inc
Sonoro Metals Corp
Southern Silver Exploration Corp
Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd
Strata-X Energy Ltd.
Strikewell Energy Corp
Summus Solutions NV
Terrace Energy Corp
Valterra Resource Corporation
Virginia Energy Resources Inc
Wealth Minerals Ltd
Western Pacific Trust Co
Westhaven Ventures Inc
Xineoh Technologies Inc.
XXL Energy Corp