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Matthew Gosden


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Suite 1500 - 1140 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC
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Otto Ehinger 
David J Goertz 
Matthew Gosden 
Barry Hartley 
Cherry Ho 
Heather McGhie 
Rakesh Patel 
Steven Reichert 
37 Capital Inc.
4 Touchdowns Capital Inc.
AAJ Capital 3 Corp.
Adamera Minerals Corp.
Advance Gold Corp.
Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Affinity Metals Corp.
AJN Resources Inc.
Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp.
Aloro Mining Corp.
Altair Resources Inc.
Altiplano Metals Inc.
Amego Capital Corp.
American Biofuels Inc.
American Creek Resources Ltd.
American Potash Corp.
AMPD Ventures Inc.
Aneesh Capital Corp.
Anfield Energy Inc.
Angold Resources Ltd.
Anibesa Energy Metals Corp.
Anquiro Ventures Ltd.
Apogee Minerals Ltd.
ArcPacific Resources Corp.
ArcWest Exploration Inc.
Argo Living Soils Corp.
Ashanti Sankofa Inc.
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc.
Atoro Capital Corp.
Avarone Metals Inc.
Baden Resources Inc.
Bearing Lithium Corp.
Belmont Resources Inc.
Benjamin Hill Mining Corp.
Bessor Minerals Inc.
Bettermoo(d) Food Corporation
BevCanna Enterprises Inc.
BeWhere Holdings Inc.
BioCure Technology Inc.
BioVaxys Technology Corp.
Black Mountain Gold USA Corp.
Blackwell Intelligence Inc.
Blende Silver Corp.
Blockchain Evolution Inc.
BlockchainK2 Corp.
Blue River Resources Ltd.
BMGB Capital Corp.
Boundary Gold and Copper Mining Ltd.
Braxia Scientific Corp.
Buchans Wileys Exploration Inc.
Bullet Exploration Inc.
BWR Exploration Inc.
Cache Exploration Inc.
Cadillac Ventures Inc.
Canter Resources Corp.
Carlyle Commodities Corp.
Carmanah Minerals Corp.
Carson River Ventures Corp.
Castlebar Capital Corp.
Cavalry Capital Corp.
CBD Global Sciences Inc.
CDN Maverick Capital Corp.
Cell MedX Corp
CHAR Technologies Ltd.
Christina Lake Cannabis Corp.
Claren Energy Corp.
Clear Sky Lithium Corp.
Compass Gold Corporation
Comstock Metals Ltd.
Copland Road Capital Corporation
Cover Technologies Inc.
CVR Medical Corp.
Datable Technology Corporation
Dominus Acquisitions Corp.
Doseology Sciences Inc.
Draganfly Inc.
Duesenberg Technologies Inc.
Dynasty Gold Corp.
Edgemont Gold Corp.
Edison Lithium Corp.
EGF Theramed Health Corp.
El Nino Ventures Inc.
Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.
Elysian Capital Corp.
Eminent Gold Corp.
Emperor Metals Inc.
Engineer Gold Mines Ltd.
Enlighta Inc.
Esrey Resources Ltd
Essex Minerals Inc.
ExGen Resources Inc.
EXMceuticals Inc.
Exploits Discovery Corp.
Explorinvest Capital Corp.
Faction Investment Group Inc.
Fandifi Technology Corp
FEC Resources Inc.
Findev Inc.
First Lithium Minerals Corp.
Florence One Capital Inc.
Flow Capital Corp.
Freeport Resources Inc.
Fuse Cobalt Inc.
G2 Energy Corp.
GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc.
Gander Exploration Inc.
GBLT Corp.
GFG Resources Inc.
Global Compliance Applications Corp.
Global Energy Metals Corp.
Global Health Clinics Ltd.
Global Hemp Group Inc.
Global TreeGro Inc.
Gold Bull Resources Corp.
Gold Terra Resource Corp.
Gold Tree Resources Ltd.
Golden Cariboo Resources Ltd.
Golden Harp Resources Inc.
Golden Sky Minerals Corp.
Golden Spike Resources Corp.
Goldex Resources Corp.
Goldhills Holdings Ltd.
Grand Peak Capital Corp.
Green Block Mining Corp.
Greenbank Ventures Inc.
Greenhawk Resources Inc.
Greenrise Global Brands Inc.
GT Holdings Corp.
Handa Mining Corp.
Happy Belly Food Group Inc.
Harrys Manufacturing Inc.
Harvest Gold Corp.
Hero Innovation Group Inc.
Hi-View Resources Inc.
Homerun Resources Inc.
H-Source Holdings Ltd.
Hunter Technology Corp.
Impact Acquisition Corp.
Inflection Resources Ltd.
International Iconic Gold Exploration Corp.
Intrepid Metals Corp.
Invictus Financial Inc.
Izotropic Corporation
Jaxon Mining Inc.
Jiminex Inc.
Jinhua Capital Corporation
Juggernaut Exploration Ltd.
Kalo Gold Corp.
Kenadyr Metals Corp.
Kesselrun Resources Ltd.
Kincora Copper Ltd.
Kingman Minerals Ltd.
Klondike Silver Corp.
Koios Beverage Corp.
Kua Investments Inc.
Kure Technologies Inc.
Kutcho Copper Corp.
La Imperial Resources Inc.
Lanebury Growth Capital Corp.
Leeward Capital Corp.
Lida Resources Inc.
Lithium Energi Exploration Inc.
Lode Metals Corp.
Lomiko Metals Inc.
Madi Minerals Ltd.
Majestic Gold Corp.
Major Precious Metals Corp.
Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc.
Max Resource Corp.
MegumaGold Corp.
Merida Minerals Holdings Inc.
Midasco Capital Corp.
Milgauss Investments Ltd.
Millbank Mining Corp.
Minehub Technologies Inc.
Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd.
Miza III Ventures Inc.
Mobio Technologies Inc.
Modern Plant Based Foods Inc.
Mojave Brands Inc.
Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd.
Mucho Cobre Resources Ltd.
Musk Metals Corp.
Must Capital Inc.
Nepra Foods Inc.
New Age Metals Inc.
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.
Nickel Rock Resources Inc.
Nirvana Life Sciences Inc.
Noram Lithium Corp.
Norsemont Capital Corp.
North Valley Resources Ltd.
Nubeva Technologies Ltd.
Orchid Ventures, Inc.
Orea Mining Corp.
Organto Foods Inc.
Orion Nutraceuticals Inc.
Ovation Science Inc.
Oz Lithium Corporation
Pacific Silk Road Resources Group Inc.
Pampa Metals Corporation
Pantera Silver Corp.
Parent Capital Corp.
Peak Minerals Ltd.
Peakbirch Commerce Inc.
Peekaboo Beans Inc.
Pepcap Resources Inc.
Petrichor Energy Inc.
Plank Ventures Ltd.
Plant Veda Foods Ltd.
Prime Meridian Resources Corp.
Principal Technologies Inc.
ProAm Explorations Corporation
Pursuit Gold Corp.
Red Metal Resources Ltd.
Ridgestone Mining Inc.
Rock Tech Lithium Inc.
Rover Metals Corp.
RYAH Group Inc.
Santa Rosa Resources Corp.
Sceptre Ventures Inc.
Schwabo Capital Corporation
Scotch Creek Ventures Inc.
Sebastiani Ventures Corp.
Sherpa II Holdings Corp.
Sierra Grande Minerals Inc.
Silver Sands Resources Corp.
Sitka Gold Corp.
Slave Lake Zinc Corp.
Smooth Rock Ventures Corp.
Solid Impact investments
Spectrum Digital Holdings Inc.
Spod Lithium Corp.
St. Anthony Gold Corp.
Stinger Resources Inc.
Stuhini Exploration Ltd.
Summa Silver Corp.
Sun Summit Minerals Corp.
Surge Battery Metals Inc.
Synex International Inc.
Taiga Building Products Ltd.
Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc.
Tearlach Resources Ltd.
TGS Esports Inc.
The Good Flour Corp.
The Yumy Candy Company Inc.
Three Sixty Solar Ltd.
Tinkerine Studio Ltd.
Tocvan Ventures Corp.
TraceSafe Inc.
Trail Blazer Capital Corp.
Trailbreaker Resources Ltd.
Trans Canada Gold Corp.
Transatlantic Mining Corp.
Trenchant Capital Corp.
Tribe Property Technologies Inc.
Triple Point Resources Ltd.
Tri-River Ventures Inc.
TruTrace Technologies Inc.
TRX Gold Corporation
TUT Fitness Group Ltd.
Ubique Minerals Limited
UniDoc Health Corp.
Uniserve Communications Corporation
United Lithium Corp.
Universal Copper Ltd.
VIVA Gold Corp.
Voice Mobility International, Inc.
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp.
Walker River Resources Corp.
West Oak Gold Corp.
World Class Extractions Inc.
Xander Resources Inc.
Xebra Brands Ltd.
XGC Software Inc.
XR Immersive Tech Inc.

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