Our Role

The Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) is Canada’s independent, public company audit regulator. Charged with overseeing audits performed by registered public accounting firms, CPAB contributes to public confidence in the integrity of financial reporting and is committed to protecting Canada’s investing public. CPAB promotes audit quality through proactive regulation, dialogue with domestic and international stakeholders, and practicable insights to inform capital market participants.

CPAB’s governing document, the Canadian Securities Administrators’ National Instrument - 52-108 Auditor Oversight requires auditors of reporting issuers to be registered with CPAB as CPAB participants, and requires Canadian reporting issuers to issue financial statements audited only by CPAB participating firms.

CPAB Vision

CPAB is a leading audit regulator that reinforces public confidence in Canada’s capital markets.


CPAB Mission

CPAB promotes audit quality through proactive regulatory oversight, facilitating dialogue with domestic and international stakeholders, and publishing practicable insights to inform capital market participants.

CPAB Core Values

Committed to serving the public  Committed to serving the public

Team driven and inclusive  Team driven and inclusive

Innovative  Innovative

Courageous  Courageous

Strategic Commitment ONE

Cultivate a proactive, adaptive and innovative culture that elevates our regulatory effectiveness.

Strategic Commitment TWO

Drive targeted, systemic changes to accelerate audit quality improvements.

Strategic Commitment THREE

Impact how the future audit is performed and regulated.

Strategic Commitment FOUR

Influence global audit quality consistency.

2022-24 Strategic Plan overview

Corporate Responsibility

CPAB Community Matters

The health and well-being of our communities across the country matter to CPAB. Our people engage personally and professionally in a variety of activities that make our communities better places to live. CPAB is committed to supporting our people's passions, locally and nationally.

Our Community Matters program is aligned with our core values of being committed to serving the public, team-driven and inclusive, innovative and courageous. Through the program, CPAB and our employees proudly contribute to community organizations across Canada that reflect those values and complement our mission. Our approach is driven by a spirit of collaboration and innovation and a desire to improve the circumstances of those in need.

Our support includes financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of our people. We provide employees two paid days every year to volunteer their time to an organization of their choice and match their financial donations up to $200 annually.

The Canadian Public Accountability Board’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2023-2028)

In accordance with Ontario with Disabilities ACT (ODA, 2001) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, (hereinafter referred as the AODA) the Canadian Public Accountability Board (hereinafter referred as CPAB) has developed a multi-year accessibility plan to improve equal access to employment, services and activities at CPAB.

CPAB strives to meet the needs of its employees and stakeholders by proactively identifying and removing any potential accessibility barriers for people with disabilities. The following plan outlines the steps that are being taken to meet those requirements.

The outlined plan is reviewed and updated at least once every five years.


Feedback about delivering of services to persons with disabilities is welcomed, as it may identify areas that require change and assist in continuous service improvement. Such feedback may be by telephone, in person by appointment, in writing, email, fax, text, or other means. CPAB will make best efforts to provide a response in the same format in which the feedback was received. For more information on how to provide feedback, please see here.

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