CPAB thanks board members for governance contributions

June 29, 2021

The Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) thanks departing board members Guy Frechette and Sheila Fraser for their immense contributions to the CPAB board. 

Guy’s strong audit and firm leadership background has been extremely valuable to our board – and those who have worked with him appreciate his engaging and informed perspectives. Guy was also active in driving CPAB’s stakeholder outreach activities in Quebec. 

Sheila provided valuable insights to CPAB thanks to her long career in public accounting, most notably as Canada’s first female auditor general. She brought broad, candid and thoughtful views to CPAB and we will miss her many contributions. 

CPAB’s board of directors ranges from a minimum of nine to a maximum of 11 members (there are currently nine directors) all appointed by the Council of Governors. The majority must be non-accounting professionals and at least two directors must have regulatory or regulatory/audit oversight experience.