#1140 - 1185 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC


Geoffrey Dodds
604 688-7227


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#1140 - 1185 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC
V6E 4E6

Geoffrey Dodds 
Mickey Goldstein 
Junaid Hassam 
Aion Therapeutics Inc.
AREV Life Sciences Global Corp.
CardioComm Solutions Inc.
Certive Solutions Inc.
Chalkridge Technologies Inc.
Deep Spatial Inc.
DSG Global Inc.
Gatekeeper Systems Inc.
Genix Pharmaceucticals Corporation
Geyser Brands Inc.
Good Gamer Entertainment Inc.
Green Arrow Resources Inc.
High Fusion Inc.
Hillestad Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Indigenous Bloom Hemp Corp.
KBridge Energy Corp
KMT Hansa Corp.
Mega Copper Ltd.
Milner Consolidated Silver Mines
Nabati Foods Global Inc.
NSJ Gold Corp.
Origin Therapeutics Holdings Inc.
Pharmadrug Inc.
Pontus Protien Ltd.
PredictMedix Inc.
Surenano Science Ltd.
Tiidal Gaming Group Corp.
Trillion Energy International Inc.
Tripsiter Clinic Ltd
Venerable Ventures Inc.
Vext Science Inc.